A Stark County man was arrested Friday night after driving his lawn mower to pick up a pizza

STARK COUNTY - The Stark County Sheriff's Office reported an "unconventional" vehicle passed through their OVI checkpoint Friday night.

The Sheriff's posted the following information on their Facebook Page Saturday:

"A man, who was not in possession of a valid drivers license, attempted to circumvent the law by driving his lawn mower down city streets to pick up a pizza.

Unfortunately, he chose the only pizza place in town that had a checkpoint set up out front.

He attempted to nonchalantly pass through the checkpoint. Unfortunately, riding mowers are not a common thing to see on the roadways. Therefore, his cunning plan of blending in was doomed from the start. When stopped by officers, he was informed that a lawn mower is, according to law, a motor vehicle when used on public roadways.

This came as quite a shock to the man, as he thought driving the mower on a suspended license would keep him out of trouble! He was wrong.

It was soon discovered that the man also had warrants for his arrest.

The man took a trip to Hotel 62, and his mower was towed away. No word on what happened to the pizza he ordered."

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