911 caller in Massillon standoff at Great Clips speaks

Caller said she was told to leave by suspect

MASSILLON, Ohio - Danielle Hukill had no idea she would be in the midst of a story about a standoff Sunday.

She stopped by Great Clips in Massillon to get her 8-year-old daughter a haircut. She was so excited that it was still open when she got there just before 5 p.m.

Then a pretty normal day turned into something surreal.

A man came in and told her to leave. That man was Shane Allen Ryan.

"He was pretty calm at first," said Hukill. Soon that would all change.

She claims Ryan told her to get her three children and get out.

"When I asked if (one of the victims) was able to walk with me, he said 'they're not going anywhere.'" Hukill left and called 911, but her cell phone died. She called them back from another store and told police what was happening inside Great Clips.

Police responded and a standoff ensued. It would last for about three hours. Eventually, police would rescue the victim and kill Ryan.

Police said Ryan went into the salon looking for his ex-girlfriend but she wasn't there. It's not clear why he held a victim hostage.

Hukill said her daughter's hair was never finished and she plans to return Tuesday to have her daughter's hair finished.

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