64 students identified in Jackson High School coach Scott Studer nude photos investigation

MASSILLON, Ohio - The police chief in Jackson Township confirms that 64 boys have been identified in the Jackson High School basketball coach investigation involving nude videos and photos. The names of the students are not being released.

The materials were found during a search led by postal inspectors.

Studer, 46, is accused of videotaping his players in the shower. Police said he positioned the camera in the shower area of the locker room, then would take the camera home and download the images to his hard drive before returning the camera back to the locker room.

Officials said there's no indication Studer disseminated the footage and there's no evidence he showered with his players.

The freshman basketball coach was in his 27th season for the Polar Bears, and students mentioned that he was well-liked among the athletes.

Studer, who graduated from Jackson High School, resigned from his position after his arrest last week.

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