Richland County gravesite toy thefts hurt grieving mother of child whose memorial was robbed

ONTARIO, Ohio - It's a petty theft, misdemeanor, but a heartbreaking crime to those trying to honor their loved ones.

“To steal from a grave—let alone from a child—that’s pretty low, in my opinion,” Jackie Sheridan says.

Saturday afternoon, she placed stuffed animals and a cross at her son's grave in Richland County for Easter. Four hours later, the stuffed duck was gone.

Hayden Sheridan died eight years ago, passing away silently during a nap when he was 14 months old.

Over the years, police say someone has stolen items from the cemetery. For some reason, Hayden's grave has been targeted multiple times.

So, Ontario Police placed a surveillance camera on a tree and captured video of the woman who took the toy duck from Hayden's grave Saturday afternoon.

Police posted it to their Facebook page hoping to catch the woman, drawing attention from thousands of people around the country.

“It’s gone on long enough,” Sheridan says. “People need to realize that just because this is a grave yard and these people are no longer with us, they’re no less loved than they were when they were with us.”

After the video was posted online, police say the stuffed duck was found on the roadside. They think the woman drove by and threw it out of her car window.

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