Northeast Ohio soldier who lost his legs in combat improves while continuing to undergo surgery

CRESTLINE, Ohio - A northeast Ohio soldier is recovering from surgery to treat a complication from the amputation injury he sustained in combat.

Second Lieutenant Nick Vogt, 25, of Crestline lost both of his legs in combat.

On Wednesday morning, the family Facebook page said Vogt underwent surgery for a complication called heterotopic ossification.

Referred to as HO, this is a phenomenon that occurs when bone tissue forms outside of the skeleton. It is a very common occurrence for amputees and can be very painful.

A post on the Facebook page said that Vogt will be in a hospital room for about a week, then on a prone-cart while he heals. When he is recovered, Vogt should be able to sit in a wheelchair without discomfort.

Vogt's injuries happened while he was serving in Afghanistan in November. Vogt was leading his Army platoon on patrol when an IED exploded. The blast not only cost him his legs but briefly stopped his heart.

Since November, Vogt has been receiving lots of medical treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Postings on the Facebook page show Vogt seemingly getting healthier. He looks more robust and a new video shows him ripping off some pretty solid modified push-ups during rehab.

But, his family told NewsChannel5 that, due to the surgery, Vogt will be unable to engage in strenuous rehab like that for several weeks.

It appears Vogt's mother runs the majority of the family Facebook page. On August 17, one post said, "His spirit and determination remain as good as ever."

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