Hundreds stand in line to see GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney

MANSFIELD, Ohio - Hundreds of people waited in line in Mansfield to see GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney Monday afternoon.

The line stretched from PR Machine Works down the street, as people waited to hear Romney speak. Eight-nine-year-old Ed Powell was among those in line.

" I want to see my next president," Powell said.

Kara Fitzgerald brought her seven children, ranging in age from 17 months to 17 years, among them 15 year old Barrett Fitzgerald.

"I think it is cool to be part of this, to share in history," said Barrett Fitzgerald.

The Fitzgerald family has been affected by the economy.

"When I was pregnant with my youngest my husband got laid off," said Kara Fitzgerald. He has a new job now, but commutes an hour each way daily. "The Mansfield economy has suffered a lot."

The venue reached capacity by mid- afternoon and the Secret Service would not allow anymore people inside. An overflow area was set up outside.

Melany Novack was the last in line.

"It will do. I wanted to see and hear him but I got a late start," said Novack.

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