Dog found shot to death in Richland County, jaw broken

MANSFIELD, Ohio - A local Humane Society is looking for the person who shot a dog to death and broke its jaw in Mansfield.

A passer-by called the Richland County Humane Society just before 1 p.m. Friday after coming across the deceased dog while walking on Orweiler Road between Marion Ave Road North and Bowers Road.

A Richland County Humane Society spokesperson said the female English Mastiff was discovered with three visible puncture wounds behind her left ear, on her right cheek and by her right shoulder. There was also a large amount of blood coming from the dog’s mouth and its leash was loosely lopped around the tree.

The Humane Society transported the dog to the veterinarian for an autopsy. The vet determined the approximately 1-year-old un-spayed English Mastiff had been shot and her jaw had been broken.

She was not wearing a collar and did not have a microchip.

Officials need your help. Anyone with information on this brutal dog killing is asked to contact the Richland County Humane Society at 419-774-4795.

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