A Mansfield woman is returning to Ohio late Friday night after being stuck on a disabled cruise ship

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A local woman is reuniting with her husband Friday night after a grueling 5 days stranded at sea.

Lisa Miller of Mansfield was one of the many passengers aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship "Triumph" when the ship's engine caught on fire Monday that left the ship adrift and disrupted some basic services, such as the use of toilets.

Lisa's husband Jeremy Miller told NewsChannel 5 that his wife was really enjoying the cruise with her friends up until the toilets stopped working. "The smell inside the ship was bad, so they slept on the deck every night. I think it was Wednesday night they went through a bad storm, so all of their bedding got wet. Their mattresses and their clothes," said Jeremy, describing the worst part of the ordeal according to his wife.

The vacation ship carrying some 4,200 people docked late Thursday in Mobile after a painfully slow approach that took most of the day. Passengers raucously cheered after days of what they described as overflowing toilets, food shortages and foul odors.

It took approximately 4 hours for all of the passengers to deboard the ship, and if that wasn't bad enough, Miller missed one of her connecting flights back to Ohio, delaying her arrival home another couple of hours.

"She's laughing about it at this point, I mean what else can you do?," said Jeremy.

NewsChannel 5 will have a crew on scene with Lisa's family and friends to greet her at the Port Columbus International Airport where her flight is expected to land around 11:40 p.m.

Despite her ordeal, Jeremy said that his wife Lisa enjoys cruises very much and is looking forward to taking one with her family in the future.

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