Terrorism expert at Kent State suspects accidental shoot down of plane in Ukraine

KENT, Ohio - A foreign policy and terrorism expert at Kent State University suspects the Malaysian airliner that crashed in eastern Ukraine was accidentally shot down.

Dr. Steven Hook said he doesn't see the political message that terrorists would be trying to send by downing a Boening 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with 295 people on board.

My guess right now is it wouldn't be a deliberate attack on the passengers in that plane, but instead, one of many air strikes from the ground to the air, missile attacks which are happening everyday in the Ukraine and sometimes they don't know exactly what their target is," Hook said.

The professor of political science said he horrified when he heard of the plane crash, and he wondered, 'Can things get any worse in the Ukraine?'"

"My first reaction was this could very well be something that takes this conflict in the Ukraine to a higher level."

Hook pointed out that President Obama recently announced sanctions against Russia as the U.S. tries to come up with a diplomatic isolation solution to the crisis.

Hook, who has written a book on foreign policy, believes the tragedy will be more likely to push the U.S. away from involvement in the civil war, but he added, "It's certainly not going to ease the concerns of the U.S. foreign policy makers."


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