Tallmadge police lead to meth bust in Brimfield

BRIMFIELD, Ohio - The Tallmadge Police Department lead police in Brimfield to the discovery of a methamphetamine lab Friday afternoon.

According to the Brimfield Police Facebook page, officers from the TPD came into Brimfield Friday for a follow-up on an investigation.

During the follow-up, police discovered what appeared to be a meth lab outside of an apartment in the 2800 block of Mogadore Road. 

The TPD called BPD for assistance in the discovery.

Officers from BPD confirmed the suspicion of the meth lab and recovered a full lab from inside the apartment along with various chemicals.

The subject was charged with manufacturing meth and assembly of the chemicals for the manufacture of meth, both with child specifications, because of a child living in the apartment adjacent to the subject.


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