Starving boxer/mastiff mix dog rescued by Portage County dog warden, vet names him Eeyore

RAVENNA, Ohio - The Portage County dog warden rushed to rescue a starving dog Tuesday afternoon that was so thin, he was near death.

Staff at the Portage County APL were "horrified" when they saw the boxer/mastiff mix. The dog was so thin he couldn't stand or walk on his own. He was hypothermic, with a temperature of 92 degrees, (normal temperature is 101-102) and "every bone in his body was showing," the APL said.

"We didn't know if he would make it, but we knew we had to try. We knew the only way was to rush him to a veterinarian for immediate care," said Chalan Lowry, APL executive director. "When I saw him, I couldn't believe it. He could hardly hold his head up."

At the veterinarian's office Eeyore, as they named him, was examined, making the severity of his situation even clearer.

Held by staff members during his exam, Eeyore only weighed 47 pounds. He should weigh around 90 pounds. The veterinarian said Eeyore was so hungry he had been eating mulch and rocks, and he was so dehydrated that he couldn't even go to the bathroom.

At the moment, Eeyore is getting IV fluids, small amounts of food in intervals, blood tests to rule out any medical issues and warm blankets.

"He's not out of the woods yet and will have a long recovery once he is able to leave the hospital. Who knows what long term damage has been done. But we know that he will have every chance possible to have a wonderful life from now on," Chalan said. "Because of his sad state and stature, the veterinarian named him Eeyore. He will need a lot of help and we know the community will help us save his life."

You can make a donation by calling the Portage Animal Protective League at (330) 296-4022. You can also follow them on Facebook or visit their website: .

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