Starved dog Eeyore gaining weight, moving in ‘right direction,' APL says

RAVENNA, Ohio - A dog who was so thin that staff at the Portage County Animal Protective League said they were horrified when they saw him is taking steps to improve in condition.

The APL said the boxer/mastiff mix named Eeyore by veterinarians has gained eight pounds but still has a long way to go. During his exam Thursday, Eeyore weighed just 47 pounds, well less than around 90 which he should.

Eeyore remains on IV, fluids, antibiotics and is still weak but staff is encouraged by his behavior.

"Eeyore actually rubbed his face on someone's knee to scratch his eyes, stood up a little easier and laid on his side for a belly rub," Chalan Lowry , Executive Director of the Portage APL, said.

You can help Eeyore and the Portage County APL with a donation by calling (330) 296-4022. You can also follow them on Facebook or visit their website: .

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