Portage Animal Protective League sees more dogs suffering serious injuries

Two dogs seriously injured over holiday weekend

RAVENNA, Ohio - The Portage Animal Protective League is helping two dogs that were hit by cars over the weekend and they say they have seen an increase in these cases.

On Saturday afternoon, a beagle-mix was hit by a car and badly injured on Route 14 in Edinburgh Township. The APL said the dog, which they've named Henry, suffered two breaks in his one leg. Henry's leg will need amputated.

Then on Saturday night, an 8-month-old puppy was hit by a car on Rhodes Road in Kent. The Portage APL is calling the dog Spencer and said the ball of his hip was broke off, requiring surgery.

"This year in particular we have seen an increase in cases like these," said Portage APL Executive Director Chalan Lowry in a news release on Tuesday. "In past years, we may only rescue a couple of animals who are in need of amputation or major surgery."

"But since 2012 we have seen eleven amputation cases. This story makes 12.  That doesn't count the other types of surgeries or heartworm treatments that have increased as well," Lowry said. "Surgeries like these can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars and strain an already tight budget. We rely on the community to step up and help us, so that we can help them."

The Portage APL would like to find the dogs' owners, if they have them.

To donate to the Portage APL, call 330-296-0422 or go to their website: http://portageapl.org/Donate_Online

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