Nicholas Coppa, 24, accused of breaking into Portage County churches during Holy Week

RAVENNA, Ohio - A man was arrested and charged with breaking into Portage County churches during Holy Week.

Nicholas E. Coppa, 24, of Ravenna Township, was charged with four counts of breaking and entering and attempted breaking and entering.  Bond was set at $75 thousand at a hearing Friday.

"We're deeply hurt, deeply hurt," Timothy Warrick said.

Warrick is an elder at Maplewood Christian Church in Ravenna, where the intruder broke in twice and took $363 dollars from Sunday's offering and a laptop computer.

"I would say he needs to repent," Warrick said. "Got to have some remorse.  There's got to be punishment."

The other churches broken into the week of April 14 are: .

New Testament Baptist in Ravenna
God's Church of Ravenna
Blackhorse Baptist Church

Portage County Sheriff  David W. Doak said surveillance was conducted and as a result, Coppa was found to be a person of interest in the thefts and evidence was collected.

Coppa was taken into custody on Thursday and is being held at the Portage County Jail.  He has another court date April 25.


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