More bear sightings in Streetsboro in Portage County

Police urge residents to leave bears alone

STREETSBORO, Ohio - Streetsboro police reached out to residents Saturday via their Facebook page, warning them of a bear being spotted in the areas of Navajo Trail, Pike Parkway and the Ohio Turnpike.

Residents were still talking about the sightings on Sunday.

Larry Nelson was looking down, slicing peppers from his garden on his back patio when a bear walked right by him without him even knowing it. The bear was only within 7 or 8 feet away from where he was sitting.

"It doesn't surprise me because we have so many animals coming through the backyard," said Nelson.

Larry's neighbor alerted him about the unexpected guest. By the time Nelson got his camera it was too late, the bear disappeared.

"I am sorry I didn't get to see it. I wish he would come back," laughed Nelson.

Gloria Yeager saw a bear cross Page Road on Saturday and go into her backyard.

"I have two Dachshund's and I was concerned about my dogs now, letting them out.

John Farley of Streetsboro captured an image of a bear crossing I-480 near Frost Road. The highway bear crossing nearly caused a traffic accident.

Streetsboro police urge residents who see a bear to just leave it alone.

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