Eeyore, starving boxer/mastiff dog rescued by Portage County dog warden, improving

CLEVELAND - Eeyore, the starving boxer/mastiff mix found last week, continues to improve, gain weight and play with staff at the Portage APL.

The non-profit took in Eeyore after the dog warden found him nearly dead on Nov. 6. Eeyore, who should weigh 90 pounds, weighed only 47.

"He's put on a good 10-plus pounds," said Executive Director Chalan Lowry excitedly. "It's amazing what a little groceries will do for a starving dog."

Though Eeyore began eating and walking the first 3-4 days the APL had him, workers there said you could tell he was so depressed.

"He wasn't able to get excited because he was so weak," explained Lowry. "But in last 4-5 days, we have seen him get excited, wag his tail and play."

On the APL's Facebook page, workers snapped a picture of Eeyore chasing an orange ball. They say playing fetch is one of his favorite things to do.

"We still have to take baby steps," Lowry said. "Eeyore's still very underweight and we have to keep revisiting his blood work to make sure his underlying health is OK."

APL workers estimate Eeyore is about 3 years old.

"We've gotten a lot of support which is so nice. If we exceed in donations what Eeyore's medical bills cost, we will use the money toward other animals in our care," explained Lowry.

There has been a lot of interest in adopting Eeyore, but Lowry said he's not ready yet and they aren't sure when he will be.

You can follow Eeyore's amazing progress on the APL's Facebook page.

Last Tuesday when the Portage County dog warden found Eeyore he was hypothermic and every bone in his body was showing. He wasn't even able to hold his own head up. Eeyore was so hungry he had been eating mulch and rocks, and he was so dehydrated that he couldn't even go to the bathroom.

In related news, the Portage APL is hosting its "Paws to Taste" event on Dec. 1 at Twin Lakes in Kent. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., you can sample wine and Great Lakes beer all by a warm fire. For $40 per person, you can also bid on auction items and enjoy delicious food.

All proceeds benefit the Portage APL. You can call (330) 296-4022 to reserve your spot.

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