Eeyore, malnourished boxer/mastiff dog rescued by Portage County dog warden, suffers setback

CLEVELAND - Once starving and near death, Eeyore continues to gain weight and evolve. But while playing one day at the Portage APL, Eeyore had a seizure.

A veterinarian checked Eeyore and "did not see anything odd in his blood work," said a memo on Facebook. "We wait and hope. Eeyore still has a long road ahead and with your support he is on the mend."

So far, it looks as though Eeyore isn't a big fan of other dogs, "but we truly won't know what his personality and disposition are like until he is healthy and neutered," continued the message on the APL's Facebook page.

What APL workers do know is that Eeyore is a lover and enjoys playing and being pet. "And he really like hot dogs and cheese!"

The APL thanks everyone for their support, especially around the holiday season. They ask Eeyore be kept in your thoughts and prayers as he continues the healing and recovery process.

Eeyore was found by the Portage County dog warden on Nov. 7 weighing only 47 pounds (he should weigh around 90), extremely dehydrated and so thin he couldn't stand or walk on his own. Eeyore was so hungry he had been eating mulch and rocks and couldn't even go to the bathroom.

It's still not clear when Eeyore will be ready to be adopted, as the APL says he's still "not out of the woods."

You can make a donation by calling the Portage Animal Protective League at (330) 296-4022. You can also follow them on Facebook or visit their website: .

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