Donations needed after 120 animals rescued by Portage Animal Protective League

RAVENNA, Ohio - The Portage Animal Protective League is asking for donations to help care for more than 120 animals who were rescued from "deplorable conditions" last week.

Happy Trails Farm and The Bird Nerds are helping to care for the 18 dogs, nine horses, 78 exotic birds and 23 chickens that were rescued.

"These cases can take months and the animals seized need a lot of care. All were in poor health and many were horrific to look at,” said Chalan Lowry, Executive Director. "...we can't wait for help to come."

Additional details about the rescue will not be released pending an ongoing investigation, Lowry said. The APL rescued a large number of animals the week before and 37 dogs earlier this year. "Vetting and rehabilitating sick, malnourished, and neglected animals will take many resources and many months," the APL wrote in a press release.


The Bird Nerds | 330-617-3557 or at

Happy Trails Farm | 330-296-5914 or at

Portage APL | 330-296-4022 or at

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