Cause of Garrettsville fire that damaged 13 downtown businesses left undetermined

GARRETTSVILLE, Ohio - The cause of a huge March 22 fire in Garrettsville that damaged at least 13 downtown businesses is undetermined, the State Fire Marshal reported today.

The case is being closed and the cause will be left as undetermined. The office added that no criminal activity is suspected.

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How to help residents of Garrettsville

More than 140 firefighters from 34 departments, plus retired firefighters who volunteered, responded to help fight the fire. The fire department estimates that 1.5 million gallons of water and 428 gallons of diesel fuel were used to douse the flames, which took more than 50 hours.

Two firefighters were treated and released for injuries sustained during the fire.

The release also thanks the community for their support. Read the full release here.


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