Brimfield police: Four sent to Walmart with list; Stole underwear, toys, toilet scrubber

Evidence includes 41 pairs of underwear

BRIMFIELD, Ohio - Brimfield police are sifting through more than 180 pieces of evidence after they said a group of people went to Walmart with a list of things to steal.

As usual, Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver has some interesting, and humorous, insight into the bizarre crime.

"I am left to wonder what possesses a person to have them ‘take orders' for merchandise from their friends and then jump into a vehicle with three cohorts and drive to the Wal-Mart in order to fulfill those requests by stealing everything on the list," Oliver wrote on the department's Facebook page.

Oliver said the group spent about five hours doing some "slow-motion looting" at the Brimfield Township Walmart before police were notified about the "suspicious people."

Here are a few things from the four-page shopping list: Degree deodorant, headphones, six thongs, toilet scrubber, toys for a 2-year-old, "KAKY" pants, "cute" underwear, socks, Febreze candles, "a couple packs of meat", multiple sets of sheets, water balloons, gift wrap and squirt guns.

Brimfield police said the items were requested by people named "TG", "Budda" and Alicia. Based on the list, socks and underwear were in high demand.

"Most of this stuff was actually stolen and recovered by Sgt. McCarty and Officer Dumont," Oliver posted. "I know this, because there are 41 pairs of underwear being entered into evidence as I type this…. Along with some thawed out mozzarella sticks, and 130-plus other random items."

The chief did not post the names of the four people arrested. For more updates on crime in Brimfield and the musings of Chief Oliver, go to the Brimfield police Facebook page .

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