Brimfield police chief uses Facebook to rant about single mom accused of shoplifting with kids

Chief calls woman a 'moron'

BRIMFIELD, Ohio - Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver isn't afraid to give his personal opinion about crime suspects on the department's Facebook page.

In Oliver's latest rant, he blasted a 34-year-old mother accused of stealing clothes in front of her two children at a local Kohl's.

"Having your children with you when you stole those items was a horrible decision. Now the cops look like bad guys, moron," said Oliver in part of his post.

He also mentioned being out of work and a single mother shouldn't be used as an excuse and said the woman lacks "character and pride."

The woman was arrested and charged with theft.

"Instead of working for what you need, you will steal it. You will justify that behavior by reciting all of the bad turns life has given you. That's too bad. It's too bad for your kids, who will watch your personal train wreck and learn from it -- both good and bad," Oliver continued writing. "It's also too bad for the single mothers who choose to work non-stop and get ahead because of the bad turns... We are compassionate people here. However, excuses get old after a while."

Oliver estimates he has posted 15-20 Facebook messages directed towards crime suspects, but never uses their names. In the latest case, he started the letter with "Dear Mother."

When asked why he uses Facebook to vent, Oliver said he wants to keep his residents informed, saying it's all about accountability.

"We, as a society, need to start calling these people out for acting like knuckleheads."

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