Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver rants on 'losers' using handicapped parking spaces

BRIMFIELD, Ohio - In his latest Facebook post, Brimfield's police chief offers words of wisdom to the "losers" who use handicapped parking spaces when they're perfectly healthy and could walk.

Chief David Oliver began his post this way.

"Handicapped parking was designed for people who have trouble moving around. Some are in wheelchairs; some use canes….some just have trouble walking great distances. Some have incurable diseases; some have heart or lung issues. Some have the affliction which will get us all someday…'TMB'...Too Many Birthdays."

Oliver goes on to explain that handicapped parking is a "common sense thing," saying either you need the space or you don't.

"In simple terms, it means if you drive your 99-year-old grandmother around and have a placard, God bless and thanks for caring. When she is not in the car, you do not need the space. Save it for someone who does."

A few other tips that come straight from the chief:

- If you use a handicapped space and you jump out of the vehicle, all healthy-like, as if someone is dangling free cheeseburgers on a stick, expect people to stare at you and get angry. You are milking the system and it aggravates those of us who play by the rules. Ignoring us does not make you invisible. We see you, loser.

- If your 99-year-old grandmother or other qualifying relative is not with you, park in a regular spot, like the rest of us. We do not care if you are going in the store to "get her medicine." Don't be a mope. You can walk.

- It is highly disrespectful to use a dead person's handicapped pass. If you do this, I hope lightning strikes you as you are walking towards the store. I will bring the marshmallows.

- I am not a skinny guy. I know, you are all shocked. I rant and post like a skinny guy. It's a nice quality. If you use a handicapped permit because you are "husky," "big-boned," "short for your weight" or any other term used for being overweight, you are missing the boat. You should walk. This also applies to the little electric carts in the store. Walk. You are not handicapped. You are overweight. That is not a handicap. It's a choice. Movement is the cure.

- If you are not supposed park in a handicapped space and do so, we will ticket you. We may even tow your car. No pleading, no excuses, no love. There are people who have the need for those spaces. We will make sure they have access.

"It is a right or wrong proposition. We all should know the difference."

But his comments aren't sitting well with everyone. "I am appalled and sickened at the blatant disrespect of people with 'invisible disabilities' by you, Chief Oliver, and your police department," one person wrote to the department. "Do not confuse the millions of Americans with invisible, legitimate disabilities with people who trick the system. Do not make the ignorant assumption that because these two groups of people (people with invisible disabilities and tricksters) look the same, that they must be the same."

The same person said she felt Chief Oliver's heart was in the right place, but maybe he should be more mindful of the platform he uses to express his opinions.

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