World record for pie-eating set in Brunswick

Brunswick, OHIO - Brunswick was the backdrop for the winner of a world record in pie eating this weekend.

Hot dog eating world record champ Joey Chestnut set the world record for eating 13 pounds of apple pie in eight minutes. He did it Friday night at the Johnny Appleseed Festival at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick. He even beat out fellow eating champs like Sonya "the Black Widow" Thomas who was also there.

Chestnut gave us some insight into his winning strategy. 

"Just get into a rhythm, control my breathing, don't overstuff my mouth, drink water, doing the same thing over and over again and try to keep eating like I did the first one," Chestnut said.

From here Chestnut says he's off to scarf down bratwurst in Cincinnati and tamales in Texas. Besides hot dogs and pies, he holds world record titles in eating ribs and gyros.

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