Recent tornadoes worry some residents, leading to calls for sirens after storms hammer Brunswick

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - When the Brunswick City Council meets next, a topic they'll likely hear brought up is tornado sirens.

The city hasn't used them since March of 2008 when someone hacked into the system. But over the last three weeks there have been three tornadoes in and around the Brunswick area.

One in Brunswick on June 24 and two yesterday in Valley City and Hinckley Township.

The National Weather Service confirms two EF-1 tornado's hit those areas, which sit 10 miles away with Brunswick in between.

"Well, we were looking at the clouds and it seemed like it to me," said Monica Johanni who's backyard was ripped-up by the storms Tuesday.

No tornado was confirmed in Brunswick, but residents say it felt that way and wonder if tornado sirens need to come back to the city.

"Not everyone has the CodeRED on their cell phones," said Melanie Meyer, who also saw trees ripped-up in her backyard because of the storm.

"You don't carry your cell phone with you all the time," she continued.

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