Police say Hinckley resident first robbed Brunswick bank then led officers on high-speed chase

MEDINA, Ohio - A 70-year-old resident of Hinckley is under arrest after police say the man robbed a bank then led officers on a high speed chase Tuesday.

"Most people don't think of bank robbers as being senior citizens, but it does happen," said Nick Solar, public information officer for the Brunswick Police Department.

Solar said Henry Crouch first robbed Huntington Bank on Center Road in Brunswick early Tuesday afternoon, then fled in his 2009 Black Chevy Silverado. Brunswick officers, who were nearby, pursued Crouch in his truck. Soon after, five other area police departments joined in on the chase which at times reached speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour.

The chase went from Center Road, also known as Route 303, to highway 71 South, to Medina where it continued on Route 3 to Fenn Road and ended on East Smith Road.

"After a short foot chase, the suspect was taken into custody," said Solar.

During the pursuit, police say Crouch rammed his truck into a Brunswick police cruiser, ripping the passenger side view mirror off, denting the door and blowing the rear passenger tire.

"He was brought back here to the Brunswick Police Department and he refused to speak to any of the officers when he was brought back here," added Solar.

"From what I understand, he was pretty well off," said Crouch's neighbor, Karl Kuenzer, who was baffled by news of Crouch's arrest. "He owned a whole bunch of houses in Cleveland."

Kuenzer said he and Crouch have been neighbors for more than a decade, and prior to his real estate venture, Crouch ran a construction business.

"I know he's a smarter man than that," added Kuenzer.

Police said they found money in Crouch's truck following Tuesday's chase, but the amount he reportedly stole from the bank is unknown at this time. They also said they found no weapons.

Crouch will be charged with aggravated robbery, a felony of the first degree.

"It just stymies me that he would be doing something like that," added Kuenzer.

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