North Coast Browns Backers of Medina continue to thrive despite Browns' ups and downs

MEDINA, Ohio - The Cleveland Browns may be having a less than stellar start to their 2013 season, but their fans are still behind them.

"Maybe we don't always like their decisions, but we're here for the Browns," said Paul Fabri, President of the North Coast Browns Backers in Medina.

With the team trading away Trent Richardson and using an unproven quarterback in their third game of the season, Browns fans are worried. They're concerned that the 2013 is already over.

"We're Browns Backers so obviously we're going to be fans no matter what. But some of the things that are going on are a little bit tough to stomach" said Browns backer Shari Martz.

Their loyalty was finally rewarded when the Browns won their first game of the season this Sunday. They knew all along that things would get better.

For members it's not just about football. Every Sunday members bring in canned goods that are donated to those in need. They have also set up a scholarship and charity fund .

"We raise a lot of the money through raffles, and autographed items every Sunday," said Martz.

The North Coast Browns Backers have over 545 members. If you are interested in joining you can visit their website or join them at Johnny Malloy's in Medina whenever the Browns are playing.

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