New ‘hastily-made tourism video' targets Brunswick, trending online

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - A new "hastily-made tourism video" targets a second northeast Ohio city – Brunswick -- and it was trending Friday on YouTube.

The video follows the same theme as the highly-popular "Hastily-made Cleveland tourism video," which was made by Cleveland comedian Mike Polk. However, the Brunswick video does not appear to be made by Polk. The account's username is "SFEver1982."

The video, which was posted Monday and had more than 6,700 views at the time this story was published, was listed as one of the "most shared" videos in all of northeast Ohio Friday.

The video points out city sites like the water towers, an empty storefront and points out the proximity of a day care center to a strip club.

The Brunswick Chamber of Commerce told NewsChannel5 they're not sure what they're going to do about it. They haven't decided yet whether to try to take action like having the video removed.

Brunswick Mayor Gary Werner said he's not looking to do anything about the video.

"It makes me just want to shrug my shoulders. Frankly, there are so many good things going on in our city right now, I'm not sure what city they're talking about," said Werner.

He did offer a way to get back at the jab to his city, though.

"Progress and success are the best revenge," he said.

Following the Cleveland version, people posted similar videos of cities across the country, including Pittsburgh and Detroit.

Watch the video here:

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