Montville Township residents live life on floodplain

MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Residents along the west branch of the Rocky River in Montville Township have learned to live with occasional flooding and water damage to their homes.

But one new homeowner didn't even unpack before having to clean up from a flood.

NewsChannel5 was there as rising water turned parts of River Styx Road into a lake.

As long time residents Linda and Dennis Motil took their usual precautions like collecting loose yard furnishings, moving vehicles to higher ground and taking valuables to upstairs rooms in their home, movers were unloading the last boxes at the house next door.

According to the Motils, both homes suffered flooded crawl spaces.

At least another dozen homes in the area were also affected by heavy rains and high water.

"Nine years, 354 days," said Dennis Motil, referring to the last serious flood his family endured in their home. "We enjoy it. We bought it when we had four kids at home -- loved the land."

NewsChannel5 meteorologist Trent Magill said rainfall totaled more than 2 1/2 inches in parts of Medina County and flash flood warnings were issued throughout the area on Tuesday.

NewsChannel5 visited the new homeowners after the floodwaters had receded. The residents said they were "too stressed" to talk about the situation.

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