Medina School Board votes to rescind Superintendent Randy Stepp's contract and move levy vote

MEDINA, Ohio - The Medina School Board voted 4-1 to move the May 7 vote asking voters to approve a 5.9 mill levy & made a decision on the contract of Superintendent Randy Stepp, who is on administrative leave.

School board member Douglas Adamczyk told a sparse crowd that he did not want the levy vote to go forward because he didn't believe it would pass. He pointed toward the board's website where citizens gave their thoughts on the measure.

"When asked if we should leave it on the ballot or not? 79 percent say remove it," Adamczyk said.

A decision on when the levy will come up for a vote again has not been released. Adamczyk argued during the meeting that November would be a better date to have.

Also on the agenda was Superintendent Randy Stepp's new contract. The contract approved by the board on Jan. 7 of this year gave him a $139,000 dollar contract with an $83,000 dollar singing bonus.

Dr. Karla Robinson, board president, said after talking with legal counsel the contract was null and void because they violated the Ohio Sunshine Laws.

"Because we were not in compliance we could have taken the action that we took," Robinson said. "We are rescinding the contract."

A spokesperson for the Medina Teachers Union said they applauded the action taken by the school district.

Stepp is still under his current contract for another year and three months. He has told NewsChannel5 in a previous interview he has no plans to resign. He is currently on administrative leave for issues surrounding a possible misuse of educational funds.  

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