Medina police officers could soon have cameras on cruisers and body cams

MEDINA, Ohio - Medina City Council will meet Monday night to decide whether to approve putting high-tech cameras in patrol cars as well as on police officers.

If passed, each police officer would be assigned a camera to wear during their shift, explained Medina Police Chief Patrick Berarducci.

"We're not going to put the officer in the position when it's his word against the bad guy. We've got an unbiased witness."

The cameras will provide a glimpse into a police officer's day that few people would ever see without one.

The ones in the car would automatically upload when an officer returns to the police department at the end of his shift, Berarducci said. At the end of each shift, the video would be downloaded.

"The officer does not have the ability to alter the file, so we will take that argument off the table," said Berarducci.

Not only will the cameras protect the police officers, but the public as well.

"The public has to know that we're doing a good job for them. Sometimes us telling them is not enough. We're going to give them the opportunity to see that we're doing a good job for them."

If council approves the ordinance, cameras could be on police officers and in patrol cars in about a month.

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