Medina County residents receiving calls from scammers claiming to be "Department of the Treasurer"

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - Brunswick City officials warned residents yesterday that someone my be trying to scam them over the phone.

Two Medina County residents told the city that someone called their home, claiming to be from the "Department of the Treasurer, Legal Affairs," and told them that there was a lien on their home.

The caller asked the residents if they had a criminal attorney and then requested that the residents send money to prevent legal action.

The callers speak in broken English, Medina County Auditor Mike Kovack said, and put residents on hold for periods of time.

Kovack reminds residents not to give personal information to inquiries like this over the phone, and to never send money in response to a phone call "out of the blue," like this.

If you receive a phone call like this, contact your local police.

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