Medina County residents protest fracking

MEDINA, Ohio - A group of concerned citizens in Medina County gathered to talk about fracking Sunday afternoon.

"People need to wake up, we do have rights," said Sandra Bilek of Concerned Citizens of Medina County.

The group said the toxic chemicals will cause water and air pollution. The group said toxic emissions can travel up to 250 miles. The group said surrounding states have already cracked down on injection wells, now that toxic waste is being trucked into Ohio.

The State Department of Natural Resources announced new brine injection regulations because of the reports finding on the well in Youngstown which it said were based on a number of coincidental circumstances. Investigators said the well began operations just three months ahead of the first earthquake.

Concerned residents in Medina said the risk isn't worth the price the companies are paying.

"This is our state, we live here can't live without water, air and soil," said JoAnn Slorgie.

The drilling companies believe the process is safe.

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