Medina County implements state-of-the-art mass notification system to alert residents of emergencies

WADSWORTH, Ohio - Medina County has implemented a state-of-the-art mass notification system to alert residents and businesses about emergencies, service interruptions and other important community events.

The new emergency notification system enables officials to provide essential information quickly when there is a threat to the health or safety of residents.

Over the last several years, many residents have done away with traditional landlines and instead use cellphones. Mobile offices, busy lifestyles and advances in communication technologies, have created an
environment for which city and county officials need to have the ability to reach residents when they're on the go.

"The days of 'robo-calling' landlines and hoping that citizens receive timely, important information and
notifications are gone," said Matt Hiscock, director of public safety.

The new Mass Notification System allows Wadsworth residents to sign up and get emergency alerts on a home telephone, cellphone, work phone, TTY device, by text message, instant message, email, fax, etc.

Residents can also choose the locations you want to be contacted about. You can also receive notifications about emergencies that may affect your home, your parents' home, your workplace, your child's school or your place of worship, as long as those locations are within the boundaries of Medina County.

County officials strongly urge residents and businesses to sign up for notifications. To sign up, use the system opt-in portal online at and click on the "One Call Reaches All" icon. You can also register online at to take advantage of this free public service.

The service is provided to the public by the city of Wadsworth, Medina County, and the other participating Medina County communities.

The Mass Notification System is a true collaboration and the cost to implement it in 2012 was paid for
through a cost sharing agreement between all participating Medina County communities.

Depending on your cellphone provider and calling plan, call and text messaging charges may apply when you
receive notifications and alerts.

The Mass Notification System has the ability to contact thousands of residents and businesses instantly by phone, text, email, fax and instant messaging.

For more information, or to learn more about how the new Mass Notification System works, visit and click on the "One Call Reaches All" icon or at

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