Medina County cleaning up after Monday's storms

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - Residents have been lining up at Brunswick city hall for cleaning kits. The city is passing out buckets and mops to residents to help with the clean up after Monday's storms.

The city's recreation  center is staying open to be used as a shelter for those in need. There will also be dumpsters at Neura Park, North Park,Hopkins Park and Fire Station Two.

Nick Solar with the city also said there will be an extra trash collection for those residents who usually have trash pick up on Monday or Tuesday.

But Brunswick was not the only city in Medina County hard hit by Monday's storm.

From Brunswick to Medina Township, Valley City to Hinckley the signs of mother nature's destruction are clear. Roads are closed and crews are cleaning up and so are residents.

"We heard a bang. My husband went downstairs and realized the window had broken and water was gushing in the window," said Amy Belz. The Brunswick resident is now cleaning up her basement and trying to dry it out with fans. "It was a waterfall coming in our window, there was nothing we could do to stop it, " added Belz.

Patricia and Tim Sinclair have lived in their Medina Township home for 21 years and they have never had flooding like they had last night. "The road was covered with water, it was a shock," said Tim Sinclair. That water made it's way into their home. "We had a foot and a half of water, " said Patricia Sinclair.

In nearly every corner of the county, clean up is underway. Brunswick is collecting information from residents to send to the county in hopes of getting some funding to help residents.

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