Medina City School Board of Education votes unanimously to terminate superintendent Randy Stepp

The Medina City School Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to begin the termination process for superintendent Randy Stepp, according to Teacher's Association President John Leatherman.

The board was in executive session for more than two hours.

The superintendent of Medina City Schools has been placed on paid administrative leave since April when the board voted to rescind Stepp's contract, which included an $83,000 signing bonus. In May, Stepp sued the school board for allegedly defaming him.

The Ohio Auditor of State released a report on Tuesday that indicated Stepp misued more than $4,000 in district money.

"Enough is enough. This school system can sigh a huge breath of relief and return to the craft of education," Leatherman said.

Below is a statement from the Medina City School Board of Education following Thursday's special session.

Tonight, the Medina City School Board of Education passed a resolution giving notice to Dr. Randolph Stepp of his Opportunity to Appear before the Board for a Loudermill Hearing.  This hearing, before a subset of the board, affords Dr. Stepp due process and the opportunity to make his case for why the Board should not begin termination proceedings against him.  This process is guided by Ohio Revised Code, Sections 3319.01 and 3319.16.

Following that hearing opportunity, the entire Board will meet to consider whether or not to officially authorize termination proceedings to begin.  If the termination proceedings are authorized by the Board, Dr. Stepp would be immediately suspended without pay during the termination process, as provided for in the Ohio Revised Code.

The special meeting of the Board will occur on Monday, October 28 th at 3 p.m. at Medina School Board of Education offices, 140 W. Washington St. in Medina.

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