Garage sales in Medina neighborhood benefit woman diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant

Friends help new mother diagnosed with cancer

MEDINA, Ohio - Nearly every garage door was open in the Cobblestone Park development of Medina as it was burst with garage sale items on Friday.

This particular garage sale was organized by women on Riverrock Way's cul-de-sac to help one of their own, Cami Cornett, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer during her latest pregnancy.

Cornett was unable to go back to work to help her husband with the medical bills since having the baby. That was enough incentive for her friends to help.

"We actually started out talking about doing a huge benefit for her, and then we realized that our garage sales were coming up, so we're like why don't we do a pre-benefit before the big benefit, so it turned into this," said friend and neighbor Katie Kalinowski.

There were lemonade stands and a hot dog stand, but many stopped by to donate without buying anything.

"We have had people stop in and drop off $200 at a time. It's been incredible," said next-door neighbor Jen Phillips.

The neighborhood, found off of Poe Road and Route 3 south of the city of Medina, will have their garages open through Sunday.

A GPS entry of 4659 Riverrock Way in Medina will get yard-sale seekers and to the Cobblestone Park neighborhood.

Donations can be made to through Paypal.

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