Brunswick woman who won lottery twice in 1 year shares tips for how to rake in $106,000 like she did

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - A Brunswick woman is celebrating two big lottery wins this year. Her earnings, after taxes, total $106,000.

“Everyone in the place was screaming and yelling,” said Mary Riedel, the double lottery winner. “You know it just happened, but it was really unreal.”

Nearly two weeks ago, Riedel won $100,000 playing the “Hot $100,000” Ohio Lottery game at Cenco gas station on Center Road in Brunswick.

“I said to the girl, I know I just won a lot of money, but you have to tell me what it is because I jumped from a $1,000 to a $1 million, and I wasn’t sure what it was,” added Riedel.

“I scanned it, and we all started screaming, saying she just won $100,000,” said Rachel Cherconis, assistant manager at Cenco.

Riedel said she never played the “Hot $100,000” game before but decided to try it with an extra $5 she had on hand.

“I’m happy for her,” added Cherconis. “She’s a good-hearted person. She treats us very good here.”

Luck has treated Riedel well too. Earlier this year, she won $50,000 on an Anniversary Millions game. She also won nearly $8,000 on Cash Explosion game show two years ago.

“I always think I’m going to win when I buy a ticket, I never think I’m not going to win it, so I think that’s half the battle,” she said.

Riedel said a combination of confidence in winning plus being a good person and giving back to others are her secret ingredients.

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