Brunswick woman shot, held hostage for 30 hours speaks exclusively to NewsChannel5

Mother of two thanks God, SWAT team for rescue

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - A Brunswick woman told NewsChannel5 during an exclusive interview that she's "still in a state of shock" after surviving several gunshot wounds and a 30-hour standoff inside her house.

Rahna Fahringer, 46, was held hostage over two days in a back bedroom of her home on Jefferson Avenue by her ex-boyfriend, Terrence Abel, before a SWAT team stormed inside and fatally shot him.

"I still can't believe I'm still here. I've never been that close to death," Fahringer said.

Fahringer, who had obtained a protection order on Nov. 26 against Abel, said her ex-boyfriend broke down a back door on the afternoon of Nov. 30.

"He kept saying, 'We're going to die today. I'm going to kill you and then kill myself. Good thing your kids aren't here. I really planned on doing this on Sunday,'" Fahringer recalled.

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Abel, 39, forced her into a bedroom, barricaded the door with a dresser and began covering all of the windows in the home. She rocked back and forth on the bed, crying and begging Abel to let her go. Instead, he shot her.

Fahringer explained, "He just turned around and shot my foot while I was sitting on the bed and I kept thinking, 'Oh my God! Is he going to keep going? Is he going to stop?'"

A few minutes later, police surrounded the home in the working class neighborhood. Police made contact with Abel through his cellphone and the SWAT team was able to communicate with him for most of the standoff.

When police asked to hear Fahringer's voice, he put the phone on speaker and told her to talk. But she didn't tell officers about her gunshot wound because the bleeding had subsided and she feared Abel would kill her if she informed police.

"A couple of times he'd put the gun back in my side and tell me that I caused this and it didn't have to be this way," Fahringer said.

Fahringer focused on staying calm by thinking of her son and daughter, ages 16 and 12, who were at school when the standoff began.

"I'm sitting here thinking, 'Oh my God, when are they (the police) going to come in here?'"

A window of opportunity opened up for the SWAT team when Abel complained of being hungry and agreed to allow officers to bring him some food.

The tactical team approached, but rather than pass the food through a window, they charged inside and spotted Abel pointing a gun at Fahringer.

Abel was shot at least four times and was killed, according to the Medina County Coroner.

"The next thing I knew, they had busted in the bedroom door. I tried to put my hands up to block my face and chest and rolled on the floor. I got caught in the crossfire and they ran me outside and they kept telling me, 'You're safe. You're safe. You're out of there.'"

Fahringer was also shot once in her right forearm and two or three times in her left hand. It's not clear if she was hit by police fire or if Abel got off a few more shots.

"I didn't see what went on. I just kind of closed my eyes and I heard all of the gunfire," Fahringer said, adding she's forever grateful to the officers who saved her life.

"I can't even express in words how thankful I am and what I think of them and how they were able to put this together. Again, I thank God and everybody involved. I'm so glad to still be here," Fahringer said.

Fahringer had only dated Abel for a two months when he moved into the home. After a few physical altercations with him, she began to fear for her life and filed for the protection order. She had no idea how deep his obsession with her went until that horrifying 30-hour ordeal.

While she feels badly for Abel's family, Fahringer said she now has peace.

"I don't have to watch my back because I don't have to wonder where he is or if he's going to do this again. That part is a relief."

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