Brunswick teacher delivers quintuplets Sunday at Fairview Hospital

Meet Brooklynn, Jade, Kensley, Giovanni & Leighton

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - A Brunswick Middle School Teacher and her husband, who is also a teacher in the district, have added three girls and two boys to their family.

Leann Alferio was due in December, but delivered the quintuplets on Sunday morning at Fairview Hospital in Cleveland.

The babies were born two minutes apart.

The Alferios, who already have one daughter, named their little ones Giovanni, Brooklynn, Jade, Kensley and Leighton.

Giovanni is the oldest and he weighed 2 pounds, 6 ounces. Leighton is the youngest and he weighed 2 pounds, six ounces. The three girls weighed between 2 pounds, 6 ounces and 2 pounds, 13 ounces.

Friends and co-workers said the babies, Leann and dad, Jacob, are all doing well.

Leann is a special education teacher at Visintainer Middle School. Jacob is a language arts teacher at Willetts Middle School.

Amy Harwood, a 6th grade math teacher at Willetts, took photographs of the quints moments after they were born.

"To just be there at the exact moment that they were born and especially hearing each one of them cry, once one cried, they all cried before they were even all out," Harwood said.

Carol Yost, principal at Visintainer, said Leann frequently referred to the quintuplets as "her blessings" prior to their births.

"Everybody is doing great. The babies are taking in oxygen... they're running more tests on them all today, but so far everything has come back very good," Yost said.

The district organized a diaper drive for the family. They've received 12,000 diapers, but are hoping to collect a total of 50,000.

People have also donated wipes, baby shampoo and lotion.

Those wishing to help out the Alferios with their five new bundles of joy can donate items to any of the Brunswick city school buildings.

The babies were delivered at 29 weeks, about a week earlier than a scheduled cesarean section.

The newborns could remain in the hospital until December or could go home earlier as they get stronger.

Leann will remain at Fairview Hospital for a few more days.

"She slept very well last night for the first time in a long time," Harwood said.

Watch for more details on the quintuplets later today on NewsChannel5.

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