Brunswick schools hold diaper drive for faculty members about to have quintuplets

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - Brunswick schools are trying to help two faculty members who are about to have five new children.

Jacob Alferio is a middle school teacher at Willets and his wife Leann Alferio is a teacher at Visitainer. She is pregnant with quintuplets.

One baby can go through a lot of diapers. With five babies, that number grows exponentially.

Visitainer guidance counselor Kathy Rhoads wanted to help the Alferios, so she arranged a diaper drive.

"I figure a baby goes through 10 diapers a day," Rhoads said, so the goal is to collect about 50,000 diapers.

Leann Alferio is currently on bedrest at Fairview General, but Rhoads said she is keeping busy, helping families over the phone.

The due date for the quintuplets is Dec. 18, but doctors said it could happen much sooner, possibly even in October. The Alferios already have a daughter.

The diaper drive is being held across all Brunswick schools, and calls for diapers of many sizes. Applewood and Crestview are collecting preemie and newborn diapers. Hickory Ridge and Huntington are collecting size 1. Kidder and Memorial are collecting size 2. Towslee and Edwards are collecting size 3. Visitainer is collecting size 4. Willetts is collecting size 5. The high school and board of education are collecting size 6 or pull-ups.

People can also donate other baby supplies. The diaper drive goes on through Sept. 14.

People can follow the progress of the Alferio story at

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