Brunswick school teachers hoping premature quintuplets will be home for the holidays

MEDINA, Ohio - Two Brunswick teachers welcomed quintuplets into the world Sunday; born months before they were scheduled to make their debut. Now, the parents are just waiting on them to get stronger so they can bring them home by Christmas.

LeAnn and Jake Alferio are proud new parents of quintuplets, Giovanni, Brooklyn, Jade, Kensley and Leighton. The quintuplets were born Sunday at Fairview Hospital in Cleveland -- at 29 weeks and just 2 minutes apart.

Their mother, LeAnn Alferio, is a special education teacher at Visintainer Middle School in Brunswick. Their dad, Jake, is a language arts teacher at Willett's Middle School.

They said they knew going in this would be no ordinary pregnancy, as doctors were clear that there could be complications that could be serious -- not to exclude the possibility of one or more of the babies being born with downs syndrome.

So far, the babies are thriving with no complications. They were due to be delivered in December, so LeAnn said doctors told them to expect the babies to be in the hospital at least that long to give them time to properly grow and get the proper care.

Their upstairs bedroom was already decked out with matching white baby beds when LeAnn got home from the hospital; a gift from Dad. One of the beds was lined with matching stuffed animals all dressed alike waiting for the babies' arrivals.

The Brunswick school district collected 12,000 donated diapers with the hope of getting 50,000.

Meanwhile, others chipped in with other things like lotions, baby wipes and baby shampoo to help the new parents out.

The new mom is resting up getting herself prepared for the day she can bring the babies home.

She said having them home by Christmas would be the greatest gift she could receive this year.

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