Brunswick residents, assistant fire chief want tornado sirens and emergency call system in place

A Brunswick councilman said Wednesday that he will discuss the issue of the city's non-working tornado sirens at a council meeting early next month. This comes after a tornado touched down in Brunswick earlier this week.

“If the residents want the sirens up, we'll put the sirens back up,” said Brunswick Councilman Vince Carl.

The hurdle will be money. The cost to get them working again would be at least $60,000, and Carl said that's money that the city doesn't have now.

“There's no such thing as too much of a warning,” said Denise Stropki, a Brunswick resident who said she'd be willing to help pay to get the sirens working again.

The city disabled the sirens nearly six years ago when officials say they got hacked. Since then, the city has used a system that sends severe weather alerts to phones and through email if people opt to receive the service.

“I really think we should have the sirens,” said Dan Kelly, a Brunswick Hills resident.

Kelly, like Stropki, wants both the sirens and the calling system. So does the Brunswick assistant fire chief.

“I believe in any kind of redundancy,” said Rick Barber, Brunswick assistant fire chief. “We have the sirens here.”

Valley City, which is a small town adjacent to Brunswick, has dual warning systems.

“We believe in it, we think it's a good addition,” said Jack Petrone, Valley City Fire Chief. “Anyway we can help our citizens, we're willing to do that.”

“I feel a dual system is good,” said Jerry Lenhart, a Valley City resident. “One is a back up to the other. In the event you have an issue with one, you have the other.”

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