Brunswick police respond to theft call at Christie's Cabaret, bust underage exotic dancer

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - Three teenage exotic dancers were arrested at Christie's Cabaret last week, including one girl who was underage.

Brunswickpolice officers were called out to Christie's Cabaret on Pearl Road for a theft report. One of the workers indicated a 17-year-old dancer had stolen her boots. Officers checked the teen's vehicle and located the items in question.

During the investigation, officers discovered that the 17-year-old was working at the cabaret underage and had provided a false ID card when she applied for the job along with her 18-year-old sister , Leanna Long. Officers also discovered that a third worker, Ashley Turner, 18, helped obtain the ID for the underage teen.

Police seized application records and confirmed the falsification. The manager was unaware of the teen's true identity.

The three teens were taken into custody and later released to Turner's parents.

Leanna Long, Ashley Turner and the cabaret manager face various charges including theft, falsification, contributing delinquency of a minor, endangering child, curfew and driving under suspension.

Juvenile charges are pending for the 17-year-old dancer.

The victimized entertainer received her boots back.

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