Brunswick residents ask city council to turn the tornado sirens back on

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - Brunswick City Council discussed re-activating the city's tornado sirens Monday night. This comes after two tornados hit Brunswick this year alone and another two hit nearby.

"We need to look at the numbers, crunch the numbers and make sure that our residents are safe," said Brian Ousley, Brunswick city councilman. "It needs to be done, fixed and completed this year."

The city disabled the sirens nearly six years ago when officials say they got hacked. Since then, the city has used an automated calling system. The system sends severe weather alerts to phones and through email if people opt to receive the service.

Residents say they want both the automated calling system and the sirens.

"Why can't we get them turned on and have an accurate system so people can take cover when needed," asked Jacquie Wray.

"I think you all owe it to the city and residents here to get the system up and ready," said one Brunswick resident at Monday's city council meeting.

The obstacle to turn the sirens back on is money. The cost to get them working again would be at least $60,000. It's money the city says it doesn't have. But, officials say they are investigating more cost effective measures to get the sirens working again.

"These sirens will be turned back on," said Ousley. "I guarantee that."

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