All treats no tricks for residents of a Brunswick Assisted Living Community

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - Only treats at an annual Halloween event in Brunswick!

The Plum Creek Assisted Living Community in Brunswick will hold its fourth annual Trick or Treat extravaganza the night before Halloween.

Last year, the facility had more than 100 children traveling the halls, trick-or-treating.  Plum Creek residents sit outside their doors and pass out candy as the kids pass their apartments. "They absolutely love this, they love this event," said Chrissy Meadows who is Admission Director at Plum Creek Assisted Living Community.

The Trick or Treat extravaganza will take place Wednesday, October 30 from 6:30 until 8:00 p.m.

All children age 12 and under are invited to attend. Family members, employees, and children from the community are encouraged to RSVP at (330) 220-4900. 

Attendees are being asked to choose Halloween costumes that are cute and fun instead of scary, in order not to scare the younger children who will be attending. Following the Trick or Treat, apple cider and snacks will be served. "The residents always have a great time. It really brightens up their day," said Meadows.

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