Wheelchair-bound man accused of fondling 21-year-old neighbor by blocking woman in his apartment

LORAIN, Ohio - A wheelchair-bound man is accused of fondling his 21-year-old neighbor after asking the young woman to come to his Lorain apartment to show her something.

Authorities have charged John Stonfer with abduction and gross sexual imposition stemming from the April 27 incident.

According to the sheriff's report, the victim was walking down her apartment hallway when she was greeted by Stonfer, who is an acquaintance of her and her mother's, who asked if she had a minute to show her something.

That's when Stonfer shut the door and allegedly blocked it with his wheelchair before fondling the victim and pulling her clothes off. The victim struggled to get away, telling Stonfer to stop as he said, "We'll keep this a secret and I'll make it worth your while. Make this old man happy," the police report noted.

After about 15 minutes, the woman, who only weighed 105 pounds police said, got away from Stonfer who is described as "quite sizable in stature." He then moved his wheelchair from the door and let her leave.

A protection order is being filed against Stonfer who is due to appear in Lorain Municipal Court soon.



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