Welding isn't just for men anymore as two high school seniors make their mark

OBERLIN, Ohio - Since the dawn of the industrial revolution the labor of moving, building and constructing has always been a man's job. Welding large steel girders or any steel structure for that matter is where men made their living. In today's world women are making their mark.

Two high school students at the Lorain County JVS are doing just that. Katie Gleason and Jessica Butler are seniors who weld with the best of them. From early on in life this is what they wanted to do. These two welders are so good at what they do they are in high demand by local businesses.

Katie's mom works at the JVS and took her to school when she was in third grade. She dropped her off in the welding class and that is when the seed was planted. " I always was doing what the boys did and when it came time to pick a profession I didn't want a girly job." Gleason said.

Katie is proud that she can be a role model for young girls and tells them "Just be confident and don't get down."

Jessica always hung out with her father when she was younger and got her mechanical skills from him. Now she says she teaches her dad how to weld.

Jessica took second place at the state competition for welding and though she is proud of that achievement she would have liked to have taken first.

"Consistency is the main thing in welding and making sure you have good spacing and your size is good." said Butler.

She wants to do it for the rest of her life. " I love it," she said.

Their proudest achievement was the opportunity to weld together a part of a steel girder from the World Trade Center. It stands out side in front of the school.

These two young women are proving that welding isn't just for men. There is no limit for what these two can do.

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