Victim: Men force themselves inside Lorain home, beat him and steal Christmas presents

LORAIN, Ohio - While babysitting children, a man says three people broke into his Lorain home, pistol-whipped him and stole their Christmas gifts.

It happened on Dec. 22 around 3:45 a.m. at the East 29th Street home.

The victim said the men ransacked the house, looking for money. The trio began beating the victim after he took the kids in a room off of the kitchen and shut the door.

The victim was able to get loose from being tied with cable wire after the men left and called for help.

An Xbox, laptop computer, $800 in cash a purse and keys were reported missing.

The victim was able to identify one of the three burglars, and his mother told police she thinks her 16-year-old daughter had something to do with the incident. The teen was kicked out of the house from stealing recently and the man who the victim identified was one of his brother's friends.

The extent of the injuries to the victim were not documented. An investigation is ongoing into the incident.

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