Vermilion Local School Board votes for students in extracurriculars to be drug tested

Students tested by hair, saliva or urine samples

VERMILION, Ohio - After years of talking it through with attorneys, students and the community, the Vermilion Local School Board voted Monday night to implement a student drug testing policy.

Students in grades eight through 12 involved in extracurricular activities or applying for a parking permit will be subject to random drug testing through either hair, saliva or urine samples.

"All in all the students, at least the ones we've heard from, are in favor of doing this. And they are positive in wanting to let us give them a suit of armor, so that when they go to a party or when they go to someplace where there is the availability of these substances, they can say 'I can't do this because I might be tested,'" said Vermilion School District Superintendent Phil Pempin.

"I think if it costs a million dollars to protect our students and to prevent another death it would be well worth it," said retired Vermilion school teacher Terry Smith.

The testing will be administered by a third party. The board will never know the names of the students who test positive so there will no suspensions or expulsions from this testing. They just want the students to be helped through counseling.

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