Unique and exotic jerky hard to keep on the shelf at Tommy's Jerky Outlet in Avon

AVON, Ohio - Tommy's Jerky Outlet in Avon has been open for a couple of weeks and is taking off.

If you love jerky or smokies this is the place for you. The store has been open for a couple of weeks and is gathering quite the following.

Store manager Timmy Hackney is all smiles when he talks about jerky. Of course you can get beef jerky but if you want to to try something different you can go to the exotic room. They carry buffalo, elk, venison, turkey, alligator, and kangaroo.

Yes, I said kangaroo jerky. According to Hackney, he can't keep it on the shelf.

"If it is something new people want to try it," said Hackney. Of course he also said, "It kind of tastes like chicken."

The beef jerky comes in many flavors from sweet to hot and many in between. You can buy it pre-packaged or buy what you want out of the many wooden barrels that adorn the floor.

They also sell different types of sausages or pulled pork that you can try along with Tommy's Barbecue Sauce.

The holidays are right around the corner and Tommy's can set you up with a gift basket for that special jerky lover.

Tommy's Jerky Outlet is located at 37110 Colorado Avenue. That is the Route 611 exit in Avon.

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